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BotBitz was established in 2011 to supply Australia’s growing robot combat community with high-quality electronic speed controls, gearmotors, and robot kits. Since then we have expanded to offer robotics workshops, software and design, and exhibition performances and competitions.

BotBitz is based in Queensland, Australia. For international sales check out our distributors TeamTiki (USA) and RangleBox (UK) for more currency options and faster shipping turnaround.


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Building your own combat robot is a great introduction to robotics, electronics, and programming. You can see our range of affordable and high-quality components in our online store.

We sell all components you need to build Ant, Beetle, and Feather weight classes of combat robots.



BotBitz has partnered with RoboWars Australia to put on a number of exciting exhibition contests, including Sydney’s Vivid Festival. We have put on private demonstrations for companies including Telstra.

Please get in touch to discuss how robot combat could enliven your upcoming event.



We offer workshops to take people through the steps of constructing their own combat robot. If you would like us to host a workshop for your class or organisation please contact us for more information.

Our robots have competed in national RoboWars events and the televised BattleBots series. We offer consulting services for robot software design and development, mechanical robot design, and custom robots. Contact us to discuss your project requirements.

I used two BotBitz 85A ESC’s in my 30lb Sportsmen Featherweight robot, FarmBoy. These controllers replaced a pair of Victor 883’s which wouldn’t fit into this design. The controllers performed brilliantly while powering a pair of 18V Dewalt motors on 5S LiPol batteries! Farmboy went on to win its debut event.

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BotBitz is temporarily shutting down. After many years of selling parts here in Australia our website and processes have become quite dated. This along with other commitments has meant BotBitz over the past few months has been slow to react, low on stock and underperforming. Over the next few weeks our plan is to revamp the website catch up on back orders. Replaced discontinued products and rebuild BotBitz back to what it should be. In this time you can still place orders but they may be slow to ship out. Dismiss