300mah 2S HV Lipo Battery

300mah 2S HV Lipo Battery

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Capacity: 300mah @ 7.6V (Recommended usage 250mah 7.4V)
Weight: 15g (approx)
Discharge Rate: 60C
Size 13.8x12x52.5mm

Perfect for antweights with more demanding current requirements. We would recommend sticking with the 7.4V for best lifespan.

As always with Lipo batteries:

  • Never charge unattended
  • Always use a recommended charger
  • Never charge beyond specifications (1C if not stated)
  • Do not use if puffy or damaged
  • Charge in safe area away from flammable material and in fire safe bag or container.
  • Treat your batteries with respect and always be mindful that lithium or any battery can catch fire.

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